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  • Warm & Grounding presence

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Couples' Counseling

  • Hakomi Therapy

  • Re-Creation of the Self (RCS) Therapy

  • Mindful Movement

  • Exercise Therapy

  • Personal Training

  • Coaching & Consultation


Licensed Professional Counselor
& Certified Hamoki Therapist
In-Person & Virtual

I am passionate about Transformation. I love the sense I get when I have, once again, broken out of a stagnant cycle in my life and risen to the next expansive level. I am grateful to say I have come through many significant obstacles in my life thus far and still, I find my own journey of transformation continues to unfold each day.


Along my way I have found that I am deeply passionate for Holistic Health; mind, body & spirit, the entire person as a whole. While I love seeking optimal health in my own life I have also found that I am gifted in helping others do the same.


I know that within our soul lies boundless potential and the power for fantastic expansion. Many of us have a fragmented view of ourselves and experience barriers (many internal, and some external) that prevent us from using all our gifts and reaching our potential. Some of these barriers stem from generational energy/past lives while others arise from trauma and wounding within this incarnation.

The holistic approach of HAWTHORNE HEALING CENTER means that we do not look at the mind and it's thought patterns only, like many traditional psychotherapy modalities. We include all parts of the person and the environment that may be affecting your health journey: Past life history, ancestors/spirits, social influences, environment, physical health or traumas, cognitions, emotions, spiritual & religious beliefs; all of these play a role in your journey towards health.

My disciplines and modalities include:

Licensure as a Professional Counselor & Certified Hakomi Therapist, Mindful and Somatic Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Magic Arts, Certification as a Personal Trainer/CPR & First Aid, Experience in Nutrition/diet protocol for cleansing/shamanic work, Outdoor/Wilderness Experience, Story Telling, Arts & Crafts, Mindfulness-based  and Experience-based methods, such as Hakomi & Re-Creation of the Self (RCS) Therapy.

The clients I have had the privilege to work with describe me as warm, compassionate, welcoming, deeply insightful, intuitive, fierce, divinely masculine while divinely feminine, nurturing, loving and committed.


I look forward to spending this time with you.

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