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  • Mental Health Counseling 

  • Warm & nonjudgmental presence

  • Gentle confrontation of unhelpful thoughts & behaviors

  • Integrative theoretical orientation 

  • Mindfulness-based interventions 

  • Experience with OCD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, & suicidality 

  • Experience with survivors & perpetrators of domestic violence 

  • LBGTQIA+ & Gender Affirming

  • Black, Indigenous, & People of Color Ally


Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
Virtual ONLY

I’ve come to learn that, while our individual experiences and desires are unique, most of us are on a shared quest for living in our truth. That journey towards self-actualization can be isolating, and, often, incredibly painful. We can become so accustomed to, or even stuck in, our routines that we fail to notice beautiful moments for discovery. By choosing to strengthen our awareness and be open to various possibilities, every aspect of our lives can begin to feel sacred. All that you need…is within. 


That’s not to say there’s a simple solution to every problem or that this process is easy. Some of us have experienced immense struggle, requiring not only an exploration of self, but a commitment to altering how we move through, and view, the world. We may need to challenge long-held beliefs, some stemming from societal expectations, others from what was modeled for us in youth, and even some beliefs attached to traumatic experiences that compromise our feelings of safety and self-worth.  


Since surrendering my own active addiction to mindful recovery, I’ve developed a strong passion to support others battling an array of difficult circumstances. My prior professional experience involves close to ten years in social services, providing support to individuals struggling with poverty, the acculturation process, substance abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of trauma. I now provide individual therapy and aid in navigating challenging life transitions, increasing self-awareness and self-esteem, managing moods, becoming more assertive and setting healthier boundaries, improving communication and intimacy in relationships (including parenting), and fulfilling personal goals. 


Some common topics of interest include transcending limiting beliefs, challenging personal biases, discovering your soul’s deeper purpose, being present and intentional with your experiences, strengthening feelings of empowerment, defining and balancing the feminine and masculine aspects of self, and taking inspired action toward change. 


I feel my knowledge and respect for trauma-informed and multicultural care, in addition to my own experiences with adversity, have allowed me to genuinely connect with individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Developing centered, authentic relationships with others has become a focal point for both my therapeutic work and in my personal life. Just as I promote self-care for my clients, I strive to maintain a healthy balance. In my spare time, I enjoy lifting weights, yoga, hiking, creating acrylic pour paintings, and spending time with my daughter and loved ones. You may also find me in a tattoo studio or trying a new vegan spot in town!


I look forward to holding space and walking alongside you as you navigate your own healing process. 

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