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Photographer:  JADE MAGIC

  • Calm & nonjudgemental atmosphere

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Art Therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • Trauma Treatment

  • Reiki II Certified

  • LBGTQIA+ & Gender Affirming

  • Black, Indigenous, & People of Color Ally


Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
In-Person & Virtual

Accompanying clients on their journey to wholeness is a process I am honored to be a part of. My path of becoming a therapist couldn’t have happened without experiencing my own transformation and healing process. I have actualized who I truly am and align deeply with being a therapist. I believe that once we tune into ourselves, surrender to healing, and allow ourselves to expand we can actualize our True Self; through making the unknown known, tending to and reconnecting to our Wise/Core Self, Emotional Self, Physical Self, Mental Self, and Heart. I believe the path of healing is ever-present as long as we stay connected to and nurture ourselves.

My personal journey includes living in Kansas; San Francisco, California;  Kragerø, Norway, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Payson, Arizona and now Oregon. I am Native Hawaiian and currently deepening my connections to Native Hawaiian spiritual practices. I hold certifications in Trauma Treatment and Reiki II. I spent two decades teaching Printmaking at a University, which led me to study and practice Art Therapy.

In sessions with clients, I integrate talk-therapy with experiential processes including Art Therapy, Somatic Exercises, Breathing Tools, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Parts work, and more. I collaborate with my clients and work with their needs so they can choose to work with or without particular modalities.

I am a longtime ally and advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am decolonizing who I am as a white-presenting cis female and learning the privileges that come with it. I love helping my clients deepen their connections to their chosen spiritual practices. I have worked with clients who belong to varying Native Nations; clients who have survived Sexual Traumas and Violence; people who struggle with Addictions, Witnessed Violence, Grief and Loss, major life transitions, Non-binary and Transgender identities, and general life struggles.

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