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Tree of Transformation





We are here to listen, not to work miracles.

We are here to help people discover what they are feeling... not to make feelings go away.

We are here to help people identify their opinions... not to decide what they should do.

We are here to discuss steps with people... not to take the steps for them.

We are here to help people discover that they can help themselves... not take responsibility for them.

We are here to help people learn to choose... not to keep them from making difficult choices.

We are here to provide support for CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION.


our Therapists come first.  All too often in the health & wellness industry, professionals are over-scheduled, over-worked and face unnecessary burn out. Our priority is to provide an abundantly healthy environment for those who work here.  We can achieve this by keeping relationship and life balance in the forefront, while allowing client numbers and monetary profit to come second.  Practically, we help our Therapists to create schedule boundaries, work/life goals, vacation/self-care time and offer staff support meetings and retreats.  By supporting the health of our Therapists and putting their needs first, we can then offer our best services to our clients and effect powerful change in the community.  It all begins by example.  So as your Therapists, we strive to come from a place of abundance to serve, rather than a place of depletion.

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